Tadao Ando 안도 다다오:: photographs by Sanghyun Lee 이상현

Tadao Ando's Resume



1941 Born in Osaka, Japan
1962-69 Self-educated in architecture
Traveled in the United States, Europe and Africa
1969 Established Tadao Ando Architect & Associates


1979 Annual Prize, Architectural Institute of Japan: “Row House, Sumiyoshi”
1983 1983 Japan International-Design Forum Award “Rokko Housing”
1985 The 5th Alvar Aalto Medal, The Finnish Association of Architects
1986 1986 Annual Award (to encourage new talent in fine arts), Japanese Ministry of Education
1987 The Mainichi Art Prize “Chapel on Mt. Rokko”
1988 1988 Isoya Yoshida Award “Kidosaki House”
1989 Gold Medal, French Academy of Architecture
1990 Art Prize, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture
1991 Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize, American Academy of Arts and Letters
1992 Carlsberg Architectural Prize, Denmark
1993 Japan Art Academy Prize
1994 The Japan Art Grand Prix “Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum, Osaka”
1995 Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres France
------ The Asahi Prize :: The Pritzker Architecture Prize
------The 7th International Design Award
1996 The 8th Premium Imperiale First “FRATE SOLE” Award
1997 Royal Gold Medal, Royal Institute of British Architects
------ Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, France
------ Hyogo Prefecture Cultural Award
1998 The 6th (every 2 years) Public Building Awards
------ “Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum, Osaka”
2002 Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects
------ “Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum, Osaka”


1991 Honorary Fellow, The American Institute of Architects
1993 Honorary Fellow, The Royal Institute of British Architects
1997 Honorary Membership of the German Architect Association
1998 Honorary Fellow, French Academy of Architecture
------ Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
2000 2000 Honorary Fellow, The National Association of Architects, Republic of China (Taiwan)
2001 2001 Honorary membership to the American Academy of Arts and Letters

Academic Activities

1987 Yale University, Visiting Professor
1988 Columbia University, Visiting Professor
1990 Harvard University, Visiting Professor
1997 Tokyo University, Professor


1982 International Architectural Conference, Charlottesville Conference “P3,” USA
1986 International Architectural Conference, Chicago Conference “P4,” USA
1992 Anywhere Conference, Yufuin, Oita
1996 Japan-France Cultural Summit '96, Tokyo
1997 Japan-France Cultural Summit '97, Paris
1999 Les Architectes Japonais et le Musee, Louvre, Paris
------ The Scientific Committee of the 20th UIA Beijing '99 Congress


1985 “Bulwark of Resistance,” Shin-kenchiku Residential Design Competition, Japan
1989 “1989 LA CASA PIU'BELLA DEL MOND, The Most Beautiful House in the World,”
------ International Competition, City of Reggio Emilia, Italy
1990 1990 “Maison de la Culture du Japon a Paris,” France-Japan International Competition, Japan
1991 1991 “La Maison d’echanges culturels des Ports Jumeles,” Architectural Competition, Japan
------ “Another Glass House,” Shin-kenchiku Competition 1991, Japan

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions
1978 “A New Wave of Japanese Architecture,” USA (Traveling Exhibition)
1986 “Tokyo: Form and Spirit,” Minneapolis, USA
1996 6th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
1999-2000 “The Pritzker Architecture Prize 1979-1999,” Chicago (’99) Pittsburgh, USA/ Toronto, Canada
------ “At the End of the Century-100 Years of Architecture,”
------ MoCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art), Los Angeles, USA
2000-04 Museums for a New Millennium (Traveling Exhibition)

One-man Exhibitions
1979 Magyer Epitomuveszek Szovetsegenek, Budapest, Hungary
1982 Institut Francais d’Architecture, Paris, France
1983 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
1985 Urban Center, New York, USA, sponsored by Architectural League and Cooper Union
1986 9H Gallery, London, UK, sponsored by Japan Foundation and Sasagawa Foundation
1991 Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
1993 Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France
------ Royal Institute of British Architects, London, UK
1995 The Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy
1998 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; Seoul, Korea Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK
1998 National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea; Seoul, Korea
1999 Galerie Aedes East, Berlin, Germany
2001 Saint Louis Art Museum, St. Louis, USA


1990-91 The Art Museum in Stockholm, Sweden
1990-91 The Reconstruction of JR (Japan Railway) Kyoto Station, Japan
1992 Nara City Hall, Japan
1994-95 Tate Gallery of Modern Art, London, UK
1995 The National Museum of Korea
1996 The Church of the Year 2000, VICARIATO DI ROMA, Italy
1997 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, U.S. (Winning Idea)
------ Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Hyogo, Japan (Winning Idea)
1998 The New de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, USA
------ Passerelle de Bercy-Tolbiac, France
------ Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
1999 Manchester City Centre Piccadilly Gardens Regeneration, U.K. (Winning Idea)
------ Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, USA
------ Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Spain
------ Musee du Quai Branly, France
2000 2000 A New Font for St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK
------ Museum aan de Stroom, Stad Antwerpen, Belgium
------ Deutsch Botschaft Tokyo, German Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
------ Seminar House for Robert Bosch Foundation, Germany
------ Saint John's Abbey, Guesthouse, Minnesota, USA (Winning Idea)
------ Calder Museum, Philadelphia, USA (Winning Idea)

2001 Projet de Fondation d’Art Contemporain Francois Pinault Ile Seguin, France (Winning Idea)

Representative Works

1973 Tomishima House, Osaka
1976 Row House, Sumiyoshi, Osaka
1981 Koshino House, Kobe, Hyogo
1983 Rokko Housing I, Kobe, Hyogo
1984 Time's I, Kyoto
1986 Chapel on Mt. Rokko, Kobe, Hyogo
------ Kidosaki House, Tokyo
1987 Guest House OLD/NEW, Kobe, Hyogo
1988 Church on the Water, Hokkaido
1989 Church of the Light, Osaka
------ RAIKA Headquarters Building, Osaka
------ Children's Museum, Himeji, Hyogo
1991 Museum of Literature, Himeji, Hyogo
------ Water Temple, Awaji Island, Hyogo
1992 Japanese Pavilion, Expo '92, Sevilla, Spain
------ Forest of Tombs Museum, Kumamoto
------ Children's Seminar House, Himeji, Hyogo
------ Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum & Annex (1995), Okayama
------ Gallery for Japanese Screen, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA
1993 Rokko Housing II, Kobe, Hyogo
------ College of Nursing, Art and Science, Hyogo
------ VITRA Seminar House, Weil-am-Rhein, Germany
1994 Chikatsu-Asuka Historical Museum, Osaka
------ Museum of Wood, Hyogo
------ Garden of Fine Art, Kyoto
------ Suntory Museum, Osaka
------ Nariwa Museum, Okayama
1995 Meditation Space, UNESCO, Paris
1996 Oyamazaki Villa Museum, Oyamazaki, Kyoto
1997 The Yokogurayama Natural Forest Museum, Ochi, Kochi House in Chicago, USA
1998 TOTO Seminar House, Tsuna-gun, Hyogo
------ Daylight Museum (Hiroki Oda Museum), Gamo-gun, Shiga
1999 Shell Museum of Nishinomiya City, Nishinomiya, Hyogo
------ Rokko Housing III, Kobe, Hyogo
2000 Awaji-Yumebutai (Awaji Island Project), Tsuna-gun, Hyogo
------ Komyo-ji Temple, Saijo, Ehime
------ FABRICA’ (Benetton Communications Research Center), Treviso, Italy
2001 Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis, USA ARMANI / TEATRO, Milan, Italy
------ Sayamaike Historical Museum, Osaka
------ Ryotaro Shiba Memorial Museum, Osaka


1988 Nakanoshima Project II (Urban Egg + Space Strata)


1987 GA Architect 8: Tadao Ando, A.D.A. Edita Tokyo
1989 Tadao Ando: The Yale Studio & Current Works, Rizzoli International Publications, New York
1990 Architectural Monographs 14: Tadao Ando, Academy Editions, London/St.Martin's Press, New York
1991 GA Details: Tadao Ando, A.D.A. Edita Tokyo
1993 GA Architect 12: Tadao Ando, A.D.A. Edita Tokyo
1994 Documenti di architettura Tadao Ando, Electa, Milan
1995 Tadao Ando: Complete Works, Phaidon Press Limited, London, England
1996 Church on the Water, Church of the Light, Phaidon Press Limited, London, England
------ The Colours of Light, Phaidon Press Limited, London, Englnad
1997 Tadao Ando, Benedikt Taschen Verlan GambH, Koln
------ GA Details 2: Tadao Ando, A.D.A. Edita Tokyo
2000 El croquis 44+58 Tadao Ando 1983-2000, El Croquis, Madrid
------ GA Architect 16: Tadao Ando, A.D.A. Edita Tokyo


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